Packages & Pricing

All our packages are custom-built, basis the time and effort involved. To check availability and to enquire about shooting your wedding, please get in touch!
  • Basic
  • 85,000
  • 1-2 Days Event Coverage
  • Either Bride or Groom Side Coverage
  • Up to 350 High-res Images on CD
  • JPG Only Files
  • 1 Canvera Photobook
  • 1 DVD + 1 Blu-Ray (Traditional Long Wedding Video)
  • No Wedding Film
  • 2 Photographers + 2 Videographers
  • Aerial Imaging not included
  • NO Online Photo Gallery
  • DOP not required
  • BOOK
  • 2,50,000
  • 3-4 Days Event Coverage
  • Both Bride & Groom Side Coverage
  • Up to 1000 High-res Images on CD
  • JPG & RAW Files
  • 2 Leather Photobooks + 1 Couple Canvas
  • 1 DVD + 1 Blu-Ray (Traditional Long Wedding Video)
  • 1 Pre-wedding Film (4K) + 1 Wedding Film (4K)
  • 3 Photographers + 3 Cinematographers
  • Aerial Imaging Included
  • Personalized Online Photo Gallery
  • DOP - Soumendra Jena
  • BOOK
  • "Highly recommended! no one could have done a better job of capturing my wedding moments than him!"
    Geetanjali Tonpe
    Geetanjali Tonpe
  • "Dedicated, creative, energetic, flexible, friendly and affordable. Soam and team rocks."
    Arundhatee Sarangi
    Arundhatee Sarangi
  • "Soumendra Sir always see something special in everything and show it to the camera & an excellent picture is produced. What can I say more about his photography.. just go through the photos they will speak for themselves :)"
    Lipun Singh
    Lipun Singh
  • "Very good team of photographers headed by one of the elite in the business, Mr Soumendra himself. He was kind enough to make himself available on the day of Madhu & my wedding & they did an excellent job of capturing our beautiful memories. The packages are reasonably priced and the quality of work is very good. The deliveries may take time but that is only because he adds his own personal touch to every assignment and busy as he is, its a small wait, based on experience all I can say is it was worth the couple month long wait !! Awesome job Photozone and Soumendra, we know where to come if we want an event covered."
    Nitin Balakrishnan
    Nitin Balakrishnan