Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Soumendra Jena and why the company name is Photozone ?

Soumendra Jena is the founder and major of Photozone. He is the director to each and every wedding film we make. Photozone is a team under the sheer supervision of Soumendra, and highly trained to perfection for every kind of event.

How much is it going to cost me ?

Weddings can vary so the pricing. Our pricing starts from 85,000 INR for a very basic wedding. We prefer to get to know the bride & groom and understand their expectations first. We recommend you meet us personally or send us as many details as you can for an exact quote. Kindly check our packages page to get a complete idea about our pricing.

The charges vary from wedding to wedding. We offer really customised packages designed to suit your needs. It not only depends on the number of hours of shooting and number of people shooting but also on things like location, time of the year etc.

Why is it so expensive for the Premium Package ?

Because, it includes the “best” of everything what we do and Soumendra personally plans the wedding film and develops on his own. He is the DOP for the whole event and it really covers everything what we do best.

Why Soumendra isnt covering my wedding personally ?

Soumendra stays out of India mostly for his others ventures, and he only makes him available for clients, who are really serious about their wedding and memories. If you are booking the premium package, then most likely he is the man.

Whats your style ?

We are the story tellers. Dont expect us to tell you to pose. We make memories out of the normal moments 🙂

What equipments do you use ?

We use whatever it takes to make the memory. Its an amazing long list, which you would normally not understand. So, leave it to the professionals behind Photozone to use, whatever they use to make the memories.

Whats your crew strength and how big it is ?

We are a team of 8 and we plan or team assignment depending on the type of project and bookings we receive.

How soon do we need to book you ?

As soon as possible. We get our dates blocked even a year before. You need to be really fortunate enough to get through our calendar. So, we suggest you to book the date immediately.

When can you deliver us everything ?

The usual delivery time is 8- 10 weeks. Photographs can be given earlier depending upon the number of projects we have in hand. We really want to deliver everything as soon as possible but we edit everything ourselves, and want to give you the best of the best, please be patient with us!

How much do I need to pay to block the dates ?

30% of the package total amount.

Is the advance refundable ?

No, its not. The reason why its non-refundable is, once we take the booking amount, we cancel each and every new inquiries for those dates since its blocked for your big day. So, in case you cancel, you will need to get us a client for the same total value, or there are no-refunds.

Can we hire another team with Photozone ?

If you have hired us for photography + videography, then you absolutely dont need to hire anyone else. But if you have only hired us for the wedding film, then of course you need an extra team for photography.

Is your pricing fixed or negotiable ?

I truly understand how expensive it is to get married. There are a million things you need to pay for, and some of them are more challenging than others. However, premium wedding production also comes at a price – and I can’t even begin to start justifying the effort it takes to deliver quality stuff like the ones you see on this website. So, I would suggest not to work on discounts or negotiation, and compromise with the final delivery.

Do you travel overseas, for weddings ?

Of course we do and we love it.

Do you charge extra for out station weddings ?

No, the packages stay the same. You will just need to pay for our team’s air fare, transport, movement, sleep and food and getting around 🙂

What if I need your coverage for more for more than 10 hours in a day ?

We can talk about the extra charges for it, if you really need that much covered.

Do you shoot both side of a wedding ?

Yes, for the PRO and PREMIUM packages. BASIC package is either of the side, not both.

How many wedding pictures do you typically provide per wedding?

We shoot a lot, but we only let you choose approximately the best 300-350 pictures for the photo book or photo album, what you call. If you need more, we can talk about it.

Will you provide me with a full backup of all the photos taken from my wedding?

Yes, we can and once we do that, we would be deleting all of your files from our storage. And thats done, once the complete payment and bills are  clear.

Who owns the usage rights to my wedding images?

Along with the assignment, you own the full usage rights to your wedding photos for non-commercial use. Legal jargon aside, that means you can do whatever you want with your wedding photos (like making more albums, taking prints, sending them out to relatives, sharing them online and what have you). The only thing you cannot do is resell your wedding images – which I am sure you will not want to do! As the photographer, I will own the ‘copyright’ to the photographs, which means I own the author rights to the photograph.

Do you provide wedding albums ?

Yes, we do. And they are gorgeous.

Will you be using our photos in your portfolio and on your social media ?

Yes, and I dont see any problem with it, since we always hold the copyright for our work, unless its some intimate picture, which of course, we would not publish, keeping thing in mind.

Okay, now how to book the dates ?

Fill the “BLOCK THE DATE” form on top menu and we will take it from there.

How do we contact you directly now ?

You may whatsapp Soumendra on his number or call Photozone office directly.