We love clicking pictures, of the unexpected moments. We love all kinds of weddings, whether they’re big destination weddings or small intimate city weddings.We take up a very limited set of weddings every year, and have a full in-house team that can provide you with everything you need to create your wedding story that includes candid wedding photography, wedding cinematography and movies, fine-art wedding albums and much more!

Film Making

I have been making wedding and corporate films since 2013 and never stopped creating magic since then. We have worked with clients like Audi, Mercedes, Budweiser, Maruti Suzuki etc.

Aerial Imaging

I have applied for the DCAA (Dubai Civil Aviation Authority) Certified UAV Aerial Pilot licence right now and going to offer aerial services for Construction Sites, Infrastructure Inspection, Survey Maps, Mining, Promotional, Real Estate, Research, Agricultural or ask about other possibilities.

“Framing, composing, weaving, grading until I see the perfect final result.”